THE SIMPLE LIFE....ahhhh, such a wonderful thought...relaxing, unstressful, soothing even. Just saying it makes my heart feel warm fuzzies. Right? You feel it, don't you? Getting out of the clutter and chaos and just living....

We are actually big supporters of trying to live a simpler life (key word "trying"!). And we're also "trying" to incorporate that in our business life too. Which, btw, is way easier said than done LOL I mean ridiculously easier said than done! How do you go about trying to simplify your small business that you run out of your home? That you advertise and update and work on and work at 24/7? Is it even possible???

I guess it's a slow process that you just take one step at a time when it comes down to it. It's not like you can garage sale your inventory away or just not talk to customers anymore to try keep it simple 🙈 But finding the right balance between work and home is super important. 

So, as we find little ways to simplify, we will...and I'll try to share them along the way (again, key word here is "try" there a theme unfolding?). I'll try to keep you updated, and maybe we can even share some ideas that might inspire each other. I love discovering new ways to (as my high school English teacher used to say to us all) "keep it simple stupid".

So, for now, to "keep it simple", we decided to consolidate all our social media into one outlet....Instagram. If you want to keep up with sales, specials, updates, and all the silly in between stuff of The Peddlers Shed, follow us there @thepeddlersshed. 

First step and already feeling awesome! Can't wait to see what happens next! Until next time, keep it real + keep it SIMPLE!